About Us



Pioneering in Cold Brewed Cheese Tea, Regiustea is the first and only tea shop to serve a combination of Cold Brewed Tea and Cheese in Malaysia.

Regiustea Malaysia is quickly established as the premium choice of Cold Brewed Cheese Tea for every Malaysians since it first open its door on April 2017 and has since grow to more than 15 outlet national wide.

Originated from Hong Kong

Regiustea has more than 120 outlets internationally


Regiustea pride ourselves as the best Cold Brew Cheese Tea brand with unconventional technique of tea brewing and premium ingredients flown in from around the globe.

Our unique cold brew method made our tea less acidic than traditionally brewed with enhanced flavors higher level of extracted minerals.

Naturally Regiustea is also very conscious about the well-being of our customers by serving only the healthiest of tea without sacrificing the taste and texture.